Engineering survey
Determining the possibility of building an object;
sSelection of the optimal location for construction sites (routes);
Making a forecast of changes in natural conditions.

Engineering surveys for construction is an obligatory part of urban planning activities, providing a comprehensive study of the natural conditions of the territory (region, district, site, site, route) and the factors of anthropogenic impact on the territory of capital construction objects to solve the following tasks:

Engineering surveys are one of the most important types of construction activities, they begin any process of construction and operation of facilities. An integrated approach that combines various types of engineering surveys allows for a versatile and timely survey of construction sites, buildings and structures.

The main types of engineering surveys:

Scheme of work
You leave a request on the site or call us
Our specialist comes to your site, or we meet in our Bureau
We draw up a technical task for the performance of work
We conclude a contract for the performance of work
Carrying out work and preparing a report

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