Design of residential buildings and complexes
Ensuring full support of the project - from the idea to delivery to the regulatory authorities;
Preparation of project documentation for obtaining a building permit;
Maintenance of project documentation during the passage of state and non-state expertise;

Design Bureau "Zhukov and Partners" performs design, coordination of project documentation with obtaining a permit for the construction of residential complexes. When developing a project, we fully take into account the needs of the customer and offer solutions that will help save on construction in the future, and make the operation of the building energy efficient and convenient.

We design:

Our completed projects
Residential complex "Portland", Vladivostok · 29 116 m²
Multi-storey residential building with built-in non-residential premises,
Residential complex "Novatoria", Vladivostok · 36,000 m²
Multi-apartment residential building (building 1-3) with built-in and attached premises
Residential complex "Post quarter", Vladivostok · 17 322 m²
Multi-apartment residential building (building 1-2) with built-in and attached premises

Scheme of work
You leave a request on the site or call us
Our specialist comes to your site, or we meet in our Bureau
We draw up a technical task for the performance of work
We conclude a contract for the performance of work
Carrying out work and preparing a report

Our customers