200 000 m² Designed for 2022
14 years On the construction market of the Far East
Technology Partner We introduce innovations in production
Own staff of specialists For the full range of work
Implementation of innovations
We create ready-made technological solutions based on innovative developments of research centers
Technological design
We design complex technological facilities, provide a full range of services, including assistance in finding and ordering materials and equipment
Design of residential complexes and residential buildings
Integrated design and project support — from the idea to passing the examination and obtaining a building permit
Design of public facilities
Shopping malls, hotels, car centers and more
Design of cultural heritage sites
We create projects for the restoration and adaptation of buildings
Author's supervision
We exclude unreasonable deviations from the requirements of design, working and estimate documentation.

"Construction control" and "Technical customer"
We will ensure control of the estimated cost, exclude unreasonable expenses
Engineering survey
We will perform all types of engineering surveys (geodesic, geological, hydrometeorological, environmental)